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Matches lit

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Re: Matches lit
« Reply #20 on: 22 / April / 2008, 11:40:05 »
So as I see I'll have to get my camera burning, and do some cloning.

Really though, if you're into some simple inorganic chemistry, you could devise some with a little magnesium powder in the mix.
No need for chemistry shops, I have everything myself ::).
So what about some H2 with some O2?
(I assume that is much too fast... at least at 2:1  :lol)

Re: Matches lit
« Reply #21 on: 22 / April / 2008, 18:44:56 »
Try H2 in a balloon without the O2. It will give a longer time to capture it as it takes longer to mix with the air and gives more interesting patterns. Also the impurities in the air help to make the flame more visible.

Or do the H2/O2 mix on this scale for some added wow factor (and I thought my H2 balloons with homemade firecrackers strapped to them were cool): YouTube - Huge Hydrogen & Oxygen Balloon Explosion