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write data to EXIF

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write data to EXIF
« on: 07 / December / 2007, 11:12:03 »
Albest's build - is great but we wish one function to add
I don`t know maybe is possible maybe not ,but we need write more data to EXIF
-high shutter speed over 1/2000
-aperture over F 8
-iso in mode autoiso
-EV over 3EV

Re: write data to EXIF
« Reply #1 on: 08 / December / 2007, 07:53:49 »
If not possible, at least CHDK could write a file, on the side of the picture (with the same name and a .DAT extension) where would be written all these data.

Re: write data to EXIF
« Reply #2 on: 09 / December / 2007, 06:09:23 »
Maybe firmware can create example: txt files with camera settings (exif) ? Isn't hard add new exif data manualy to fotos in computer, but i don't remeber settings sometimes :)
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