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Focusing problems when using intervalometer

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Focusing problems when using intervalometer
« on: 10 / July / 2014, 10:58:42 »
So I've been using chdk on my A470 for a couple of years now with a 2GB card and all have been fine. Now I changed to a bigger 16GB card and went from 1.1.0-2368 to 1.2.0-3475. I used stick. Card is bootable. Now I have a problem when using the intervalometer (the built in or ultra intervalometer). Sometimes it refocuses several times before taking a photo sometimes even 4 times. This didn't happen on the older build/card. I'm using a delay of 1 sec. When I'm using 2 sec it's fine (with limited testing). Is the camera buffer full when it tries to take a picture so it refocuses instead...?

Also sometimes when navigating the chdk menus and exiting with the menu key there can be a freeze of 2-3 seconds with nothing happening. Also when I start the camera (in preview) it takes almost 4 sec before the screen shows the last photo and build number, as opposed to just 2 sec on the old card/build.

I've been using the card in another camera so it should be working as intended. I've also run some test just to check. So what I'm asking is if there's something I can do to fix this or if there's a bug or just an explanation why it is happening. Thanks!

I guess I have to try the new build on the old card and vice versa if there isn't another explanation.

Model: A470
Old card: 2GB Kingston. Seq. W: 10 MB/s  R: 20 MB/s
New Card: 16GB Verbatim class 10. Seq. W: 11 MB/s  R: 31 MB/s
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