Canon G1X video record activation by cable remote RS-60E3 or other compatible

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I have a G1X and want to activate video recording by cable remote control (RS-60E3 or something G1X compatible).

I want to mount the camera in a race car and I can't reach the movie button on the back of the camera to start and stop recording. 

Can your developers add this feature to the CHDK software? I would be willing to contribute to the development cost.

Please PM me with instructions.

Thank you!!!

Trivially easy.  All you need is a switch like the ones  you see here :
and a five line script.

I won't be sending anything via PM but I will post something here later today when I've had a few minutes to test.    It's CHDK forum protocol to have all support conversation "in the thread" so that everybody benefits from the conversations.

Update :  while the CHDK solution is pretty simple,  I came back here to ask if you can't put your G1X into VIDEO mode and use a RS-60E3 (or equivalent) to start / stop video (i.e. doesn't the camera already support that?).  Obviously I don't own a G1X
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