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Custom Auto ISO Shutter Speed values

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Custom Auto ISO Shutter Speed values
« on: 14 / July / 2014, 09:29:35 »
Hi all,

I have a question about the available values in the "Minimum shutter speed" field under the Custom Auto ISO menu. When set to a numerical setting, I'd expect this field to accept an EV step, much like "Override TV -- Ev Step" field. Instead it kind of accepts an EV step value, although not as rich as the "Ev Step" field in "Override TV".

For instance, I'd like to capture a sequence of pictures from sunset to fireworks. Hence, my range of acceptable values for Custom Auto ISO would be: Min ISO 50, Max ISO 400, Minimum Shutter Speed 0.8". Instead, the minimum shutter speed arrives up to 1/2s, and the fallback shutter speed jumps from 1/2s to 1s, without the 0.8" option (available, for instance, in the EV step in Override TV).

Is there a technical limitation to this, or a software patch to CHDK would be enough to fix this?

For the record, I'm using an A2000 IS with CHDK 1.2.0 3395. Thanks for your support!


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