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SX510 Shutter Count

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SX510 Shutter Count
« on: 12 / August / 2014, 12:33:53 »

I've been reading the forums but can't seem to get the shutter count for the SX510.  Does anyone know where I can find the key combination for this model?  Am I using the wrong ver.req file?

Thank you for the assistance.


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Re: SX510 Shutter Count
« Reply #1 on: 12 / August / 2014, 18:50:37 »
The ver.req trick is no longer working on newer cameras. If it would, I think it would display the value of param #1 as the number of total shots. Go to "miscellaneous stuff" -> "debug parameters", set "debug data display" to "params" and "propcase/paramsdata page" to 0. Leave the CHDK menu. The number will be displayed after "1:", you can verify it by shooting another picture and returning to playback mode.
It's possible that this number can be reset under certain circumstances, so I wouldn't trust it completely.

Re: SX510 Shutter Count
« Reply #2 on: 13 / August / 2014, 11:24:04 »
Thanks very much.  I'll give that a try.


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