DNG meta data determining RAW converter crop behavior often of mediocre quality

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Ok, started to look into that. One question: Files that are
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capt_seq.c - auto-generated by CHDK code_gen. do not have much in the sense of comments, is it safe to assume that they have this fixed?
No. codegen generated code often has comments around modifications. (e.g in your example, the // added)
The the files are generated from code_gen.txt. You could check for the fix there, but the format is pretty obscure. It would normally be the next thing after the part that adds shooting_expo_param_override.
To name one I looked at ixus95_sd1200 100b and found items that look like what you pointed out as the "normal code" starting at lines 76 and 81 - does that have it fixed?
It does not.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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The general short press override issue that tricked me was continued at its own thread here:


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