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Connect to tablet?

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Connect to tablet?
« on: 07 / September / 2014, 11:40:32 »
Newbie here.
I read where it is possible to connect my SX20 IS to a PC, what about a tablet, Asus ME173x?


Re: Connect to tablet?
« Reply #1 on: 07 / September / 2014, 12:40:36 »
There has been some discussion about this,  and there is no fundamental technical reason why it could not be done, but so far nobody has done so.

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Re: Connect to tablet?
« Reply #2 on: 07 / September / 2014, 23:08:48 »
"...what about a tablet, Asus ME173x?.."
Advice:- Don't buy junk, cheapie, tablets such as the PenDoPad 7.

I had a, refurbished cheapie, Nexus Asus MemoPad which then I managed to soft brick, before testing the canon camera conection.

The Replacemnt is a [pair] of Nexus-7 Asus ME370t refurbished cheapies. One is now Un-Locked the other Nexus-7 Asus default, both also have "USB debugging" mode enabled in the Developer Options.

ASUS Nexus 7/ME370T [About, XDA-Developers]

UnTested; "...[Toolkit] Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.7 [Updated 09/06/14]..."

UnTested; "...How exactly does NRT root my [Nexus-7] device?..."
Answer: "...The method this program utilizes to root your device is not an exploit by any means. 
Instead, this program relies upon the additional low-level access gained from unlocking the bootloader..."

UnTested; "...[GUIDE] DIY Smallest Micro USB OTG to USB Adapter..."

Both ME370t Tablets have now been updated to Android version 4.4.4 and Canon CameraWindow version ["CW"].

Advice:- Don't try a System UpDates at McDonald's as they will most probably fail.

Canon CameraWindow will connect, via Wi-Fi, to my Ixus 240's, Ixus 265's and Sx600's.
Also Remote Shooting and LiveView is possible on the Ixus 265's and Sx600's via Canon CameraWindow. So far I haven't found any other "Apps" that can do Remote Shooting and LiveView.
Also I have not done any extended testing other than a quick test to see that "CW" works.

The Nexus-7 Asus Micro-USB to USB Charging cable [Device] can also be used to transfer Data between a PC [Host] and the Tablets [Device], with the appropriate Drivers enabled/disabled on the PC side. A "USB-Hack" that enables "Tablet Charging" and USB-OtG [Host] is a W.I.P., details, in a later CHDK post.

Also I have, cheapie, Micro USB-OtG Adaptor's [Host], Chinese CardBoard Tablet style USB-KeyBoard, USB-Mouse and 4-Port USB-2 Hub's that work Ok with the Nexus-7 Asus Tablets [Host].

There is space inside the Chinese, CardBoard, Tablet style, USB-Keyboard for a "Hacked-Micro/Mini" 4-Port USB-2 Hub, details, in a later CHDK post.

My 7-Port USB-2 Hub is also Untested with Nexus-7 Asus Tablets. A another W.I.P. is my USB-Rj45, or Cat 5/6, Active USB-2 Extention Adaptor mod, details, in a later CHDK post.

I installed via Google play, Debian noroot by pelya Current Version 14.07.04 - July 4 2014, on my Nexus-7's it runs Ok and includes some basic stuff such as file system and SD card Access and two Terminals.

@ reyalp; Would it be posible to use ChdkPtp-r650 or above by running ChdkPtp in the Android Debian noroot app.

@ All; The [Nintendo] DS Open Camera Control Project will run Ok, in Nintendo DS Android Emulators, on my Nexus-7's Tablets.
  see It may then be posible to use the "OCC" in a similar way to CHDK USB-Remote.


My, Touch Screen, Asus X202EP [PC-Host] will also Boot/Run Grub/Windows/Boot.wim's
and Android-x86-4r41 in dedicated 1-gig partition's. [Just by editing the -boot- "BCD"]
However Canon CameraWindow, Windows/Android, version has "Stoped Working".
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Re: Connect to tablet?
« Reply #3 on: 08 / September / 2014, 01:03:54 »
@ reyalp; Would it be posible to use ChdkPtp-r650 or above by running ChdkPtp in the Android Debian noroot app.
I'm not familiar with that app. From the description I would guess it won't have access to the USB port, but if something like gphoto works, then chdkptp should also work.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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