Smooth(ish) manual focus during video Canon SX510 HS

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Smooth(ish) manual focus during video Canon SX510 HS
« on: 24 / September / 2014, 06:22:14 »
Hi all,

Only just started dabbling with photos and videos recently and just bought myself a canon sx510 to start with. One of the main functions I wanted was manual video focus...which it does not have. I came across chdk and spent the weekend having a play about with it. Searched for a script to do what I wanted but the closest I found didn't really do well for me.

So I created the following. It currently only works when not zoomed in at all, and won;t auto star recording for some reason but I'll work on it and hopefully get it to work better.

The issue with it (as I am sure the more experienced here will know) is that the min/max focus values change when zoomed. If you go over the max then it will either go to the bottom or top end of focus but nothing in between. To be honest I haven't looked into a fix for it yet but I am sure I will find one (or someone else if free to obviously). Just thought I'd share the script rather than doing it simply for my own ends and going on my way. Hopefully someone else can make use of it.

I also appreciate any feedback, like I said I only played around on the weekend and only bought the camera last friday  :)

When using on the SX510 simply save to scripts as smooth_focus.bas.
-Make sure video is set to manual focus mode.
-Turn on alt mode and start script
-Turn off alt mode and hit your record button
-Turn on alt mode and use up/down to manually focus

You can also press half shutter for a quick focus to 50mm or display for a quick focus to what basically amounts to infinity on this camera.

Code: [Select]
rem GestaltO's manual video focus
@title Smooth manual video focus

get_prop 12 q
if q=0 then set_prop 12 1

press "shoot_half"
sleep 800
click "video"

print get_focus
if is_key "zoom_in" then goto "in"
if is_key "zoom_out" then goto "out"

if is_key "up" then goto "focusup"
if is_key "down" then goto "focusdown"

if is_key "display" then set_focus 355
if is_key "shoot_half" then set_focus 50
if is_key "menu" then goto "xend"
goto "loop"

while is_pressed "up" and get_focus < 345
set_focus (get_focus + 10)
goto "loop"

while is_pressed "down" and get_focus > 10
set_focus (get_focus - 10)
goto "loop"

click "shoot_full"
set_prop 12 q


1. Make work when zoomed at all levels
2. Make auto record when script started
3. Make able to switch back and forth between auto and manual


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