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SX610 HS porting thread

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Re: SX610 HS porting thread
« Reply #50 on: 04 / February / 2019, 19:41:23 »
You can use the old build to make a bootable SD card.The SD card must be formatted as FAT32.
Miscellaneous stuff 》》SD card 》》Make card bootable
To expand slightly on that, use the old build and follow the menu path @blackhole listed.  That configures your card to be bootable - but note that it must first be formatted FAT32.

Once you have done that, simply unzip the new build that I posted onto your SD card with full folder expansion.  Then set the SD card lock switch to the "locked" position, insert it into your camera, and power up. You should see the CHDK logo as the camera starts up, indicating a successful installation.
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Re: SX610 HS porting thread
« Reply #51 on: 25 / July / 2019, 12:39:30 »
Hi together!
Got a SX610 yesterday, the mousemeter to get it run with CHDK was done as fast as unpacking it :)

It´s another port with a voodoo in zoom keys.
Each manual press gives a click to the lens, moving it one step (from 100). Watch zoom bar.
You can trap it with test\ubtest.bas

PS: Equivalent behavior in playmode, makes Textbox() unusable.
BUT: set_zoom works fine, no distortion.

... or, with more fun: (bookscannertype md-tool)
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