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sx700 porting

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Re: sx700 porting
« Reply #30 on: 28 / September / 2015, 14:39:40 »
I will donate for the port too. So we are two.  :)
Crowdfunding is a good solution for new ports :)


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Re: sx700 porting
« Reply #31 on: 28 / September / 2015, 16:11:40 »
Unfortunately I don't have technical expertise to offer, but I would happily make a donation to someone to get CHDK up and running on the SX700HS.
As nobody has responded to your offer,  I guess I'll point out that doing a complete CHDK port can take at least 16 hours if really you know what you are doing and there are no surprises.  A more normal amount of time for someone new is probably over 40 hours - but that's just my guess. 
Note the above estimates are reasonable for pre-digic 6.  For a d6 camera like SX700, a lot more work will be required.

This cam has shown up in the canon refurb site, but not at a really good discount yet.
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Re: sx700 porting
« Reply #32 on: 30 / September / 2015, 04:38:18 »

as you may have read in previous post I own a sx700hs and I am trying to do this port "for free", meaning I am more interested in acquiring knowledge about chdk and the digic system, offering my little spare time and a little bit of programming knowledge.
I don't know if I will succeed and I can confirm what reyalp said, the digic6 cameras seem to take more effort than pre-digic6 ones, or at least this seems to me.
Of course, if anyone is interested in your offer and has the knowledge and the camera (having it is necessary to test the developments) I am willing to help and there is a repository linked in the 2nd page where I put the code ported until now.

In the meanwhile, I am continuing (with my little spare time) debugging the issues I have found. At the moment my camera crashes when I connect with chdk_ptp, and after a bit of investigation I have found out that this is some way linked to the "send_resp" call in core/ptp.c:

Code: [Select]
data->send_resp( data->handle, &ptp, 0 );
When I commented this, the camera did not crash anymore when connecting with chdk_ptp, and I am able to execute simple commands as "ls", that gets me the list of files and directories effectively present in the camera (and so the memory does not seem corrupted).
Of course, this needs more investigation and a resolution in order to send responses to ptp commands.

Re: sx700 porting
« Reply #33 on: 09 / October / 2015, 07:49:13 »
an update of the status of the porting, thanks to the great help of srsa_4c, the problem that made the camera crash has been found out and the solution is committed in the revision 11 of the repo linked on 2nd page.
Substantially, the original size of the PhySw task stack is 0x800 bytes, and it seems not enough, leading to stack overflow and various side effects, for example the crash I reported before when connecting with chdkptp.

I don't know if similar porting of other digic 6 camera have the same issue, I think it's worth noting this down, and keep in mind that different builds may present different side effects respect to mines.

So enlarging it to 0x2000 bytes seems to solve the issue with the crash, there may be other problems, but at least the camera buttons seem responsive... and the porting can continue :)


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Re: sx700 porting
« Reply #34 on: 09 / October / 2015, 22:07:13 »
Good to know that port continues. 8)

If some of the users who offered donations, send me a camera I will help with the port. I have done blind ports, but I don't want to do that with a Digic6 camera

Re: sx700 porting
« Reply #35 on: 18 / October / 2015, 04:13:01 »
I can't afford to donate very much, the only reason I have this camera is because I was lucky enough to get it very cheaply second hand, but could put £20 GBP into a communal pot if others could add to it and it was any use to anyone. I appreciate that completing a port can be a communal effort with multiple coders and testers involved, so this may be of limited use and is a small amount, but just wanted to extend the offer.

Thank you to the people involved across this site, your efforts are much appreciated.

Re: sx700 porting
« Reply #36 on: 11 / December / 2015, 04:27:12 »

just to inform you, I have been a lot busy with work and apart from doing the keys mapping I did not progress very much.

I also had an issue with file listing on the camera, the fw saw the CHDK folder empty, most of times. I tried various things and investigated the functions related to file management, but those seemed ok.

Re: sx700 porting
« Reply #37 on: 16 / May / 2016, 16:28:58 »
I have made some JPG+RAW shot with a Canon D500 on my SD card and than loaded it in my SX 700. If I wanted to erase the image that I made with the D500 it asked if I wanted to erase RAW or JPG or JPG+RAW! So, even tha normal firmware can see the Canon raw files.
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Re: sx700 porting
« Reply #38 on: 06 / December / 2016, 21:16:01 »
I have the canon powershot sx 700 hs I will test and ehelp in always possible, I have no knowledge about programing and if there is a place were I can learn proggraming to help on the development of this cameras software than I will

Porting for Canon Powershot SX700 HS
« Reply #39 on: 06 / December / 2016, 21:28:35 »
WE need everyone that can help in the creation of the port so any one that has any knowledge with programing and can help please help also I am willing to put in lots of time to help but I have no knowledge with programing so if anyone one knows were I can learn programing plz tell me and I will help out the best in my activities


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