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'StereoData Maker' v.1.60 Released

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'StereoData Maker' v.1.60 Released
« on: 27 / April / 2008, 05:36:44 »
'StereoData Maker' ver.1.60 adds support for eight new cameras, bringing the total to 28 :-

TX1   (EWAVR,Phantom,GrAnd)
A450  (brabl2)
A530  (image13)
A540  (image13)
ixus55/SD450 (Uwe Glaessner)
ixus65/SD630 (cail)
ixus860/SD870 (GrAnd)
s5is  (DataGhost)

(Those who were mainly involved in the initial ports to CHDK are indicated in brackets).

The TX1 can operate with its screen closed, allowing a separation of just 32mm.

It is no longer necessary to use scripts for synchronised shooting.
Support for this mode using the ordinary USB switch or the Ricoh CA-1 (Masuji SUTO, after an idea by Akio Yuda and Mr.Iwata)
You can switch between the old and new shooting modes.

Synchronised-flash shooting also no longer requires scripts and flash-dimming and flash-delay is automatically calculated.
Werner Bloos has provided a German language file.

Be sure to read the updated information on the website, at least the 'Getting started' section.

StereoData Maker

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