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Setting focus locks AE during video rec

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Setting focus locks AE during video rec
« on: 26 / October / 2014, 08:51:39 »
These days  i was playing a bit with video scripts (Video Exp Ctrl* or Enhanced Miniature Video) and noticed that commands like set_aflock() or set_focus() lock AE during video recording.
Exposure stays stuck at the moment that a focus command is applied and a set_aelock(0), after the focus command, is useless.

Is there any workaround to avoid AE lock in video rec when setting focus?
Maybe a sort of MakeAEScan()?

Thanks in advance

*Edit  ::)
Obviously AE is locked to your settings in the Video Exp Ctrl script as it should intended to be.
I was referring to any other my script attempt that involve video recording where AE results locked from a set_aflock/set_focus command.
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