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Shooting aurora boraalis (Northern lights)

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Shooting aurora boraalis (Northern lights)
« on: 23 / October / 2014, 06:44:56 »

I am the recent owner of an SX-260HS (CHDK 1.20 installed and working) and I have limited knowledge of photography (but I am currently reading a lot to about it to increase y knowledge).
I didn't have time to use a lot the SX-260 apart from a boring time-lapse.

I am going to a trip in northern Sweden (Abisko) in 3 weeks in order to see some aurora borealis if I am very lucky.

I will have 2 cameras with : a Nikon J1 (bulb mode available) and my CCanon SX-260HS.

I plan to use a script on my Sx-260HS to shoot pictures automatically (like a time lapse) while I will be using the Nikon J1.

I won't probably have many occasions to doso (it is a 4 days trip) so I don't know which avalable script would be the best.

I don't know if such a script exist and would be ideal or if I shoudl go with a simple time lapse script where I would set-up the shutter speed and aperture manually ?

Any idea or comments are welcome and might be helpful to me.

Thank you in advance,

Owner of a SX-260HS and CHDK 1.2
Newbie in photography

Re: Shooting aurora boraalis (Northern lights)
« Reply #1 on: 23 / October / 2014, 08:22:00 »
If you don'thave a lot of time to experiment, then you probably need to read this : Meteor_Intervalometer
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