CHDKPTP download with batch doest work

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CHDKPTP download with batch doest work
« on: 27 / October / 2014, 03:41:38 »
Hi there,

i try to run a script and then download images to pc but i cant get it to work.
chdkptp -c"-p=0x31c3" -e"u spektrumonline.lua A/CHDK/SCRIPTS/spektrumonline.lua" -e".loadfile('A/CHDK/SCRIPTS/spektrumonline.lua')();print('SCRIPT FERTIG');sleep(3000)"
chdkptp -c"-p=0x31c3" mdl -fmatch=%.JPG$ DCIM C:\temp

The script runs and works fine, but the download doest work. It works if i type  it in manually ind interactive mode.

ERROR: unrecognized argument mdl
ERROR: unrecognized argument -fmatch=\temp

What am i doing wrong?


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Re: CHDKPTP download with batch doest work
« Reply #1 on: 27 / October / 2014, 23:18:43 »
You need to use -e to execute cli commands like mdl. So something like

Code: [Select]
chdkptp -c"-p=0x31c3" -e"mdl -fmatch=%.JPG$ DCIM C:\temp"

Note that you can put a bunch of chdkptp commands in a file and run it with the "source" command.

Also, I posted a test build for the display issues you reported in the chdkptp thread in
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