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Manual Focus @ Infinity not working

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Re: Manual Focus @ Infinity not working
« Reply #150 on: 26 / September / 2016, 21:00:19 »
Any news on this topic?  Having encountered problems with MF (Canon UI) pre-set/'locked' to be around 2m I encounter soft images.  I can get satisfactory results (focus) when stationary but when trying taking pictures while running/jogging the results are poor. 
I'm sorry to hear that. I pretty much suspect you are seeing the "floating lens" issues reported here when you are "banging" the camera around while running :  DYI Drones : Let's talk Canon cameras

Is anyone out there having reliable success with KAP using a S100? (It seems similar to my task of reliably taking a shot (instantly) with pre-set focus
Well,  from my time chasing this problem,  I can say that I have seen many very good S100 KAP photos.  But that is not to say the Canon S series does not have issues with the "floating lens" interfering with many otherwise good shots under hard acceleration.

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Re: Manual Focus @ Infinity not working
« Reply #151 on: 28 / September / 2016, 13:21:28 »
Duh! Ah ha! Eureka! I was barking up the wrong tree. Thank you, of course a lens has to float to be stabilised.  It's not as simple as turning IS off! It does of course beg the question why turning IS off is a feature - other than saving battery life or making sure that tripod shots, panning (or similar) works without interference.  So pictures while running is a no-no but a slow shuffle would work. 

Any recent progress on manual focusing at infinity? I can already see that the Canon UI scale for MF is effectively useless - it seems to demand MF confirm which I find ironic if not confusing.

There are also all kinds of differences in IQ between the three S100s. Simple variables add up.     


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