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Firmware on older camera bought now

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Firmware on older camera bought now
« on: 21 / January / 2015, 21:08:25 »

I am looking to buy a point-and-shoot camera, and I would like (other things being equal) to be able to load CHDK onto it. I'm very willing to buy a slightly older model to be able to use a stable release and not have to use up a developer's time to port it. For example, I've looked at the ELPH330 (which has been superseded by the ELPH340) and the SX260 (which has been superseded by the SX280), for which the number of new features added is not enough for compensate for the lack of a port for those cameras.

However, I have a slight concern, and that is that even if I buy a slightly older model, that it will have newer firmware and therefore won't work. Like if the ELPH330s sold now actually had ELPH340 firmware on them. I doubt this would be the case, since it would likely be harder for Canon to sell the newer models if people could just buy the older models with the same firmware (and therefore software features). But before I make the purchase I just wanted to ask if anyone here has come across problems with that.

Re: Firmware on older camera bought now
« Reply #1 on: 21 / January / 2015, 21:34:11 »
There is no chance that Canon has updated an older camera with the firmware changes from a recent release.  None!

However, it is possible that the slightly older camera you are looking at will have a firmware version that has not been ported to CHDK.   If you purchase from somewhere with a return policy that lets you take the camera back within 15 days (or so) then you are covered there. 

You could also decide to dump the firmware of the new camera and see if somebody here will do the port for you.  No guarantees but it usually can be arranged if you are willing to help test the result.

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