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Disable script mode

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Disable script mode
« on: 30 / April / 2008, 00:36:30 »

I have searched and not found anything on this subject...
I often mistakenly press the shutter while in alt mode and my script gets executed.  It can be a pain to get out of it.  Would it be possible to explicitly enable/disable the execution of scripts?



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Re: Disable script mode
« Reply #1 on: 30 / April / 2008, 02:55:44 »


Code: [Select]
@title This is not a script

This would be quite similar to disabling scripts :-)


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Re: Disable script mode
« Reply #2 on: 30 / April / 2008, 03:15:38 »
As of now there is no way to alter that behaviour.would be useful for new users though.
For now you have to get used to this,it took me a while but i figured it out eventually.but i dont see a problem killing scripts,once they are running - just press shutter again.

Re: Disable script mode
« Reply #3 on: 07 / June / 2008, 15:35:40 »
I  have edited my version of script.c to use the following as the default script:
    "@title Default Script\n"
   "print \"Exit ALT mode to shoot.\"\n"

I think this is much better for newbies.  If you haven't loaded a script you probably don't want to execute one and may not even understand the concept of scripts.  So just tell the user to exit ALT mode if they want to shoot.


Re: Disable script mode
« Reply #4 on: 07 / June / 2008, 16:24:00 »
Aww! I think you're missing an excellent opportunity to berate and belittle noobies!

How about:

"@title Default Script\n"
"print \"Jane, you ignorant slut!\"\n"
"print \"Don't you know you have to exit <ALT> mode\"\n"
"print \"when you want to take a picture?  RTFM!\"\n"

 :o :lol :haha

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