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Sandisk Eye-fi sd card

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Sandisk Eye-fi sd card
« on: 10 / November / 2014, 16:08:34 »
Hello all,
For some two years, I have used CHDK to trigger my S100 through the mini usb.
I just bought a wifi sd card, hoping to transfer my pics by wifi and still trigger via CHDK.

1. However, when I lock the card, the camera doesn't work, only in unlocked mode.

2. I am afraid, when I boot the card, all info to use the wifi will be gone.

Can anybody advise me on this?

Thanks! Daan

Re: Sandisk Eye-fi sd card
« Reply #1 on: 10 / November / 2014, 18:25:13 »
How did you configure the wifi card?  What did you do to it (if anything)?

You should be able to use the "Firmware Update" method of booting simply by unzipping the complete CHDK distribution file for the S100 to your SD card.  Were you able to make that work?
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