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Timelapse running from day into night

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Timelapse running from day into night
« on: 22 / November / 2014, 13:45:33 »
At the outset, sincere thanks to all developers for creating this wonderful tool. Have had great fulfilment thus far. First off was extending max shutter speed from 15sec to 20mins to make  star trail pics.

Next was  timelapse sequence of the night sky using INTERVAL.BAS. Sequence was made with  camera in manual mode, exposure times  @ 20sec and interval between exposures @ 30secs. Resulting jpeg sequence then converted to .avi using virtualdub resulting in amazing video of stars rotating about the south celestial pole. Would never have believed all this  possible with point & shoot camera (SX50)

Next I would like if possible to do timelapse, as above, but starting in bright daylight i.e. before sundown, showing how the daylight then dims as the sun sets, and continuing through to full night time darkness.  I already tried, using same settings as above, but of course the daylight shots were all completely blown out. So the problem I can't fathom how to work around is that the camera needs to be in auto mode so as to expose correctly for the daylight portion of the sequence, but must then switch to manual mode with 20 sec shutter speeds for the desired night time exposures.

Is there a script or a way to do this? - any advice gratefully accepted.

Re: Timelapse running from day into night
« Reply #1 on: 22 / November / 2014, 14:55:13 »
Interesting question.

First of all,  you might be interested in this script : Meteor Intervalometer with Dark Frame Management . It's a night sky intervalometer that periodically collects "dark frames" for use in post processsing.

But for your application,  you should be able to use something like this :  yass4.lua .  As written, it will track the lighting decline as the sun descends and can be set to allow exposure times to extend all the way out to 30 seconds.
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Re: Timelapse running from day into night
« Reply #2 on: 22 / November / 2014, 15:12:45 »
Thanks for coming right back Waterwingz - will take a look at your suggestions


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