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Error - RAW file prefix is ignored

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Error - RAW file prefix is ignored
« on: 05 / December / 2007, 02:07:13 »
Using GrAnd release 148 on a Canon S3,
when I request IMG_ as RAW file prefix, I get SND_.

My other settings are:
Save RAW yes
Noise reduction Auto
Only first RAW in series yes
RAW file in dir with jpeg yes
RAW file extension .WAV

My rationale for using IMG_ as prefix is to sort the raw file just next to its basic jpeg so I can easily erase them together when necessary.




Re: Error - RAW file prefix is ignored
« Reply #1 on: 06 / December / 2007, 23:07:25 »
It used to work well with previous versions of CHDK.

With a CRW extension as you suggested, the system respects the IMG prefix. I had an obscur reason to use WAV. I have now replaced it with CRW and everything is ok. Thanks.


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