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ELPH 310 - 480p movie (854x480), even OK if crop the 1280 mode, or 640 fake 16:9

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480p is a fair compromise IMHO in this "widescreen world" ... this camera's vdeo goes from 1280x720, then down to 640x480 ... even if it could crop the 1280x720 to 856 x 480 and show a simple white "crop" frame, or close to these numbers if it needs some multiple of 8 ...

Thanks for the work you brainiacs have done, looks like it should do unlimited video length according to what the CHDK says

youtube wants 854 x 480 to avoid black line frames

Thank again


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Sounds to me like a job for post processing, something similar to this...

.. assuming none of the developers have a better method. If you are from the Windows world, you might like a GUI wrapper to ffmpeg.. something like... http://winff.org/html_new/
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IMO, it's quite unlikely that CHDK would be able to change the resolution of the video. I would expect that only a few specific resolutions are supported by the hardware.
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