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SX50 100b and 100c difference

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Re: SX50 100b and 100c difference
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I'm planning for a long trip - 3 weeks  - with minimum luggage.  Currently I don't have a good way of transferring the files from the SD card to another memory device.  The trip is rugged and the PC is also added weight. I used to use an Epson P-5000, but the unit gets filled up so fast with large images.   So I've been keeping images on the SD cards. 
Three week trip?   Regardless of the minimum luggage, unless you are doing a walking tour of the Walmart's in Bentonville AK,  that's almost certainly an expensive trip on anyone's books.   And hopefully a trip to remember, whatever happens. Whether it's backpacking the Appalachian Trail in the eastern USA and sleeping under the stars or doing a luxury tour of Europe's most expensive hotels, it's a big deal.

So, my two cents worth is to buy a duplicate extra $50 - $75 worth of high capacity SD card, format them for the individual cameras. and move on.  Flush the P-5000 and take some extra soft toilet paper or tissues.

The second SX50 camera is a back up.  But if I have no PC I can't reload correct CHDK routines on the SD cards if I have to move to the new SX50.  Could I be overlooking a simple solution?...........
Umm .. what am I missing here.  Put CHDK on a set of cards for the 1.00B and identical files on a set of cards for the 1.00C  before you leave?

When I think about your situation,  and I worry about the same things when I travel (probably too much),  if you lose one camera and your luggage, you probably lose both?  So a set of discrete SD cards that you put away in an interior pocket might make some sense?

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