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Low battery on SD1000, to a poweroff.

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Re: Low battery on SD1000, to a poweroff.
« Reply #10 on: 09 / December / 2014, 08:03:08 »
Interesting. Well so much for that theory.
I'm not totally giving up on it yet.  There may be some cameras that "suffer" from this - there have been just too many complaints about short battery life with CHDK not to consider that possibility.  I have a couple of other cameras I will try but none of them are really old - and I have a suspicion (but no data) that this problem was on early Powershot models. 

I have been meaning to test this idea for a while. I was going to use one of my adjustable regulator modules to make the tests, but never got round to it.
Me too.  Finally did though.

One other thing I keep meaning to check, is the current drawn by each of my cameras in playback and shoot mode, to see which are the best candidates for long battery powered sessions.
So far,  most of my testing (and the bugspatter posts) show about 500 mA in shooting mode and 200 mA in playback.  But over eight or so years of camera models that are supported by CHDK, I'd be surprised if there was not some variation.
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