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"Enable Remote Zoom"???

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"Enable Remote Zoom"???
« on: 01 / August / 2010, 20:56:31 »
I have a canon S5 and I have 2 questions to make,

1. What is that option "Enable Remote Zoom" that appears in remote parameters?
I've built a remote shutter, but i don't know what this "remote zoom" option is all about.
If there is a way that i can remote-zoom my camera, i would love to know it!

2. If i have the option Power save: Enabled (from camera menu) so that it turns off the lcd in 1min and meanwhile i browse the chdk menu, each button I press, doesn't count for any "activity" so the camera "thinks" that it's in idle, so after 1 min passes, the screen turns off, and it doesn't turn on by half-pressing the shutter button, the only way to turn it on again is to reactivate the camera via on-off ring and when this happens, the chdk menu of-course has closed and I have to get back where I previously was and to quickly catch up with the 1 min power saving time.
  So is there going to be any fix so that when in chdk menu, any button usage will be sent as Activity to the camera?

Thank you in advance for your time!
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Re: "Enable Remote Zoom"???
« Reply #1 on: 02 / August / 2010, 10:17:23 »
Is that remote zoom option in CHDK ?

You can certainly remote zoom with SDM.

There is a menu option to prevent the screen blanking when in ALT mode or running a script.

Don't know where that option is in CHDK, but it is somewhere.



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