Save to PC's hard drive, same filename, but check for existance continously?

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Hello! Newbie's 1st post.

I know chdk can save images to a hard drive, but can it do this continously under the same file name, but only if the file no longer exists on the PC? Basically I'm developing a program for stop motion animation. My program would load this saved image into a frame and delete it from the hard drive continously, for it's live onion skinning ability. It can't use chdk's live view since my program will save frames at a push of a button once a scene is ready.

This sound like it's more an issue of how you script what happens on the PC - not something CHDK needs to do on the camera.

Have you looked at this : ?  Its ability to run scripts written in Lua on your PC should let you do what you want.
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