resolving problem with downloads via USB

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resolving problem with downloads via USB
« on: 25 / January / 2015, 11:28:39 »
Hello all.
I have a problem downloading photos via USB from Canon P&S SX100 IS, CHDK 1.3.0 on Wimdows 7x64.
I tried everything without success. Finally i use KNOPPIX 6.0. I boot  it from SD.
 With its help folders and images become visible via USB and i copy them on HDD.
I hope that this experience will help.


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Re: resolving problem with downloads via USB
« Reply #1 on: 25 / January / 2015, 14:36:55 »
CHDK should not interfere with normal USB downloads, unless you have USB remote enabled. If you do have USB remote enabled, it will prevent them from working no matter what OS you use. It is extremely unlikely that CHDK interferes with connections from windows but not linux.

If you install the libusb driver to use the CHDK PTP extension, this will usually prevent normal windows software from accessing the camera. The exception to this is old cameras (probably ones that don't return a serial number) where the INF driver is  specific to a physical USB port.
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Re: resolving problem with downloads via USB
« Reply #2 on: 26 / January / 2015, 09:02:05 »
I don't enable remote USB. For curiosity: I launched my oldest (Compaq Deskpro)computer with WinXP (32bit) and connect the camera via USB. Everything is going well.


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