Pressing the shutter button half way - viz. autofocus - trigger motion detection

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I have a Canon PowerShot SX 500IS camera. When pressing the shutter button half way, viz. camera find the proper settings (autofocus?), the light conditions on the lcd screen lightens up a bit (very quick), and for motion detection scripts this seems to be a problem. The “lightning up” trigger the motion detection script, and I wonder if there is some way to avoid this?

Regards Kes

No need to repost stuff - the five or six people who answer most of the questions here watch all the posts as there are not that many each day.

But this is strange - I'm certain that I posted a response to your original enquiry.  But I can't find it now.

Short version of what I posted - increase the Trigger Delay Value to give the display time to "settle".
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Thanks for reply.

I see. Here is the original post:

Your solution solved the problem  :)


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