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'Change Battery' warning message / automatic shutdown

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'Change Battery' warning message / automatic shutdown
« on: 17 / March / 2015, 17:42:09 »

I'm hoping someone can help me? I'm in the process of creating a time-lapse HDR script but I'm having problems with the batteries.

I'm using brand-new lithium batteries in my Canon A560 and the on-screen CHDK battery meter says that the batteries are at 100%. When I start the script however I get a red battery icon flashing appear on the screen and the camera shuts down with a 'change battery' error message briefly appearing on the screen.

The flashing icon and the error message appear to be the native firmware rather than the CHDK, is there any way to stop this from happening either with the script or with a setting on the camera itself? Is this a fault of the A560? (for instance, would a different camera have better results?)

I'm going to be using the camera to take photos of the earth using a weather balloon so I *really* need it to work reliably. Any assistance with this would be appreciated.




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Re: 'Change Battery' warning message / automatic shutdown
« Reply #2 on: 17 / March / 2015, 19:55:32 »
This might help..
To summarize that thread (and many others), in order of decreasing probablity, battery problems can be causes by :
  • Dirty / rusted contacts in the battery compartment - either on the door or at the other end.
  • Weak / bent / misalligned spring contacts in the battery compartment.
  • Other oxidised contact - such as the external power jack
Cleaning contacts and re-tensioning springs is a good place to start solving the problem.
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