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Nothing has helped me so far, can you? S100 CHDK

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Nothing has helped me so far, can you? S100 CHDK
« on: 28 / March / 2015, 13:52:28 »
This is the first time in my life that I have been unable to figure something out on the internet.  So, I need your help.

I am trying to load CHDK on to my canon s100 and evertyhing I have found nothing online to help me do this.

I have read pages and pages about installing software to find out which firmware I have on my s100... but none of those seem to be working and I have no idea how to navigate anything .java on my macbook.  I am running that latest OSX Yosemite.

The number on the bottom of my camera is PC1675  And I have a Sandisk 64gb 300mb/s SD card in it.

Can someone please give me step by step instructions on how to do this.  I feel like a 4 year old.

Updated links to anything I need to download would be very helpful as well.

I have no idea what firmware my camera is running... and I have tried and failed to figure that out.

I am happy to send a rootbeer to whoever helps  :)

-New guy Joe

ps... my main reason for doing this is so I can take a picture every 2 seconds with the camera for aerial photography.

Re: Nothing has helped me so far, can you? S100 CHDK
« Reply #1 on: 28 / March / 2015, 14:02:02 »
There is a ton of bad, incorrect and old information about loading CHDK available over the internet.  If I had a magic wand,  I'd make it all dissapear.

The only complete, up to date, and 100% correct guide to installing CHDK is here :  CHDK Wiki : Prepare your SD Card

Pay attention to the blue box at the top - the STICK utility is really all you need.

Once you get that done,  you might be interested in this : kap_uav exposure control script

Edit :  if you really can't make STICK work because it uses java then "Method 2" listed here is probably the next best thing for an S100.  But you will need to figure out your camera firmware version.  Post an image straight from the camera (no edits or resizes) as an attachment here and I can give you a hand with that.  Then download from here :
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Re: Nothing has helped me so far, can you? S100 CHDK
« Reply #2 on: 28 / March / 2015, 14:13:49 »
Thanks for the good info!  Finally, I feel like I am getting somewhere!

I was able to load Stick and I got to the final step (where it asked to load CDHK onto my sd card.  But then I got an error saying that that final step failed. Here is the first pat of the log:
IMG_0063.JPG dropped
/Volumes/CANON_DC/DCIM/106_0328/IMG_0063.JPG is being processed
actual fm=16843264 hex=1010200
fm=16843264 icm=3110000 fms='Firmware Version 1.01'
Checking official builds
 - searching for build for Stable CHDK s100-101b
 - build found - Stable CHDK bins/
Stable CHDK build is available for this camera
Processing completed
Downloading  - please wait ...
bins/ zip file being downloaded - please wait ...
bins/ has been saved
in extractDB, dlp='/Users/Joe/Downloads/stick/Stable CHDK/s100-101b/'

Then it goes on for a year...

And then this:
 Volume Name:              Java 8 Update 40

   Mounted:                  Yes
   Mount Point:              /Volumes/Java 8 Update 40

   File System Personality:  HFS+
   Type (Bundle):            hfs
   Name (User Visible):      Mac OS Extended
   Owners:                   Disabled

   Partition Type:           Apple_HFS
   OS Can Be Installed:      No
   Media Type:               Generic
   Protocol:                 Disk Image
   SMART Status:             Not Supported
   Volume UUID:              6552BA16-5ABF-3456-9DCE-27DB7E3F9A56
   Disk / Partition UUID:    8887C299-0436-465A-9966-F642598D5846

   Total Size:               524.2 MB (524247040 Bytes) (exactly 1023920 512-Byte-Units)
   Volume Free Space:        461.6 MB (461570048 Bytes) (exactly 901504 512-Byte-Units)
   Device Block Size:        512 Bytes
   Allocation Block Size:    4096 Bytes

   Read-Only Media:          Yes
   Read-Only Volume:         Yes
   Ejectable:                Yes

   Whole:                    No
   Internal:                 No
   return code was 0
Command 'diskutil info disk3' = '   Device Identifier:        disk3
   Device Node:              /dev/disk3
   Part of Whole:            disk3
   Device / Media Name:      Apple UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) Media

   Volume Name:              Not applicable (no file system)

   Mounted:                  Not applicable (no file system)

   File System:              None

   Content (IOContent):      GUID_partition_scheme
   OS Can Be Installed:      No
   Media Type:               Generic
   Protocol:                 Disk Image
   SMART Status:             Not Supported

   Total Size:               524.3 MB (524288000 Bytes) (exactly 1024000 512-Byte-Units)
   Volume Free Space:        Not applicable (no file system)
   Device Block Size:        512 Bytes

   Read-Only Media:          Yes
   Read-Only Volume:         Not applicable (no file system)
   Ejectable:                Yes

   Whole:                    Yes
   Internal:                 No
   OS 9 Drivers:             No
   Low Level Format:         Not supported
   return code was 0
Command 'diskutil unmountDisk disk3' = 'Unmount of all volumes on disk3 was successful'
   return code was 0
Command 'diskutil mountDisk disk3' = 'Volume(s) mounted successfully'
   return code was 0
Testing if hard disk - size=201
Skipping 4 - probable hard disk (size in Gb not a power of 2) 201MB
Testing if hard disk - size=15
Skipping 5 - not a card
Cards scanned - 2 cards found

Setting preparation tasks ...
   bootable = FAT32
   FAT32 formatting required
awaiting permission to install
Preparing Device disk2 63.9 GB - please wait ...
Formatting ' /dev/disk2 as FAT32
Command 'diskutil unmountDisk disk2' = 'Unmount of all volumes on disk2 was successful'
   return code was 0
Command 'newfs_msdos -F 32 -v 'CANON_DC' /dev/disk2s1' = '!Error
newfs_msdos: /dev/disk2s1: Permission denied'
   return code was 1
Command 'diskutil mountDisk disk2' = 'Volume(s) mounted successfully'
   return code was 0
Installation failed - see log for details

Re: Nothing has helped me so far, can you? S100 CHDK
« Reply #3 on: 28 / March / 2015, 14:21:18 »
I've pinged zeno (Dave) - the author of STICK.   I don't use Apple products (any) so can't comment on what is missing here.

But there is this comment on the STICK download page the might help :

Note for Mountain Lion ( 10.8 ) and Mavericks ( 10.9 ) Users
Mountain Lion and Mavericks require root access to make changes to cards. As a result, STICK will fail with a "permission refused" message unless it has root access. To run STICK under Mountain Lion or Mavericks, use the stickML.command script. Double-clicking the script will bring up a terminal window and sudo will ask you to type your logon password so STICK can get root access. STICK will run when you press return.

Meanwhile,  now you know that your S100 uses firmware version 1.01b.   So you can download the CHDK files from

If you simply extract that zip file (with the folder structure preserved) then you can boot CHDK using the firmware update method.   And if you follow the instructions I linked above,  you can setup your card for autobooting  (note the warning about needing FAT32 rather than exFAT).

Edit :  MAC related stuff that may or may not apply ;
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Re: Nothing has helped me so far, can you? S100 CHDK
« Reply #4 on: 28 / March / 2015, 17:32:03 »
Hi JoeDroneguy

as WaterWingz says, you need to start STICK by using the stickml.command script. Versions of OSX from Mountain Lion onwards (i.e. Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite) impose stiffer Apple rules - unless you are an authorised Apple Developer (which costs $100 a year) apps that do the sort of things that STICK does (analyzing cards and writing to the boot sector) require permission from the user. The stickml.command script will ask you to type your logon/admin password to give permission. Then STICK should run just fine.
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