310HS "Video without time limit" always resets to disabled after shut down

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I want to be able to record a vid up to the 4GB FAT32 limit by default, this camera wants to do only 10 minutes. When I select "Video without time limit" it will record a 4 GB video about 20 minutes long at 720p during that session, but if I restart the camera I have to go back into Video params and enable it every time.

My parameters otherwise are saved i.e. "Video Quality" remains at whatever I set it at whenever I restart.
I have not selected "Clear video params on Start?" either. I also tried using another "Parameter Set" and selected "0", and turned Save params on, but it did not make any difference.

I did read some post about an ELPH110HS having it not being saved because of concern of the CMOS sensor getting to hot, but no one in that post said it was verified.

Thank You

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This option intentionally can't be saved (due to the concern over overheat).
If you really want it permanently, create a Lua script that automatically runs at startup:
Code: [Select]
core = require("gen/cnf_core")
set_config_value(core.ext_video_time, 1)


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