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newbie intro, plus lost file question

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newbie intro, plus lost file question
« on: 01 / April / 2015, 14:57:33 »
Hi all,

Thanks for the great site! I had CHDK installed on an old IXUS V3 years ago, but only just returned to it for a little project with my PowerShot S110. It's been great... I love the scripting feature for customization!

Now I've got a question, and hopefully someone can help me out. I set up an April Fools joke on a friend, and set up my S110 to record it, while plugged into a Canon AC adapter. I wrote a short script to utilize motion detection, and to trigger a 5-minute video recording as soon as the camera identified motion in the frame. It was tested, and the camera recorded a couple of other friends peeking their head in the door to take a look at our setup before the real target arrived, so I know the script was working. Thing is, after the target actually walked in and the prank triggered, he went to turn off the camera. Not finding a way to stop the recording with a button, he just unplugged the DC plug from the bottom of the camera.

Now the file is gone, and I'm wondering if there's any chance that the data is still stored in the camera. I have a sinking feeling that videos get stored in volatile memory before being written to an SD card, which would mean the data disappeared as soon as power was cut. Am I wrong? Any hints on how to get it out? I haven't taken any pictures or video since the incident, but I did power up the camera and look through the videos in playback mode.

Any thoughts?


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Re: newbie intro, plus lost file question
« Reply #1 on: 01 / April / 2015, 17:36:39 »
Generally, the camera records the data and does some final processing to create the file at the end. So most of your video is *probably* on the card. There was another question about this posted in with any useful answer.

It's possible that some disk recovery software would allow you to find the data, but I don't have any specific suggestions.

I'd suggest making a disk image of the card before trying to do anything with it.
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Re: newbie intro, plus lost file question
« Reply #2 on: 03 / April / 2015, 14:53:44 »
Thanks for the response. The couple of disk recovery programs I've tried can't find a file anywhere on the card, so I think the data is lost. Too bad too... that was a good prank.  :)


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