Ixus 230 / Elph 310hs - questions on Aperture Overide

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Ixus 230 / Elph 310hs - questions on Aperture Overide
« on: 02 / June / 2015, 15:12:54 »
Though I've used CHDK in the past (on 2 previous models) it was for other functions.
Now what I'm most interested in is Aperture-priority (Av) exposure - via aperture value override feature which should be a feature according to what I've read in the CHDK manual (though it does say not available for all cameras- but I didn't find a list of which models didn't work)

I've got version 1.3 installed and all is working well BUT there is no menu item for this option.
This was also true for version 1.2
Mine jumps right from
Override TV to
Override ISO ...
Does that mean this is not an option for this model?  Or am I missing something super obvious. 

Thanks a bunch
Suze in NZ

Re: Ixus 230 / Elph 310hs - questions on Aperture Overide
« Reply #1 on: 02 / June / 2015, 16:41:04 »
The option is not available because your camera does not have an adjustable iris (aperture).   It likely has an ND filter that can be used like a second f-stop.   CHDK can't control something that does not physically exist in the camera.

If you see different aperture settings reported in your photos,  that is likely because the lens opening (aperture) changes at different zoom positiong.
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