G12 - GM1.00E - Subject distance bracketing

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G12 - GM1.00E - Subject distance bracketing
« on: 30 / June / 2015, 04:32:44 »

I'm now on my third G12 and I've installed CHDK but this build (g12-100e-1.3.0-4169-full) appears to have different menus with respect to subject distance bracketing from what I am used to. Previous versions I've used had a Subj.Dist.Bracket value and Value Factor which I could set to determine the intervals. This build I've just installed only appears to have a Subj.Dist.Bracket value which can be set in 100mm increments; I need to set it at lower values than that.

Where am I going wrong?



Re: G12 - GM1.00E - Subject distance bracketing
« Reply #1 on: 30 / June / 2015, 04:42:27 »
Cancel that; I found that I could select the hundreds,tens and units by using the cameras zoom control  and change accordingly.  ::)
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