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Re: Zoom intervalometer
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This is the log with Auto...
Interesting - that explains your exposure problems.  According to the log file, CHDK running on your SX50 thinks the camera has an ND filter and that the filter is in use.

According to this post, @reyalp was going to patch it so that the SX50 (amongst other cameras) does not think there is an ND filter.  I don't see a commit to the SVN that does that and the most recent update of the source still has CAM_HAS_ND_FILTER defined for the SX50.
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Re: Zoom intervalometer
« Reply #31 on: 09 / April / 2018, 06:03:25 »
The script is really potential. Some video stabilization improves the video significantly.
For comparison, a video with stabilization (first half) and without (second half).

Unfortunately, the SX50 crashes also when using Refocus Mode 'OnZoom'. I think that you could improve the video even more, if you only focus on the zoom changes again. Presumably you could still leave the Kamea in 'Half Press' in 'Shots / Step' or? That will fix the focus as well.

Nice to have:
- Some pre shots before zooming.
- rawoplib for exposure control
- logging of get_focus_ok() for later investigation.

Re: Zoom intervalometer
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This video of postprocessing could be interesting…


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