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Remote control detection

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Remote control detection
« on: 07 / August / 2015, 17:33:07 »
Hello there,

Some times I use the camera to detect If a remote control works, (if the battery is not dead), you can see the infrared led light brights, with the camera, not with the naked eye.

It will be possible to compare if 2 remote controls send the same signal using a camera with a program?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Remote control detection
« Reply #1 on: 07 / August / 2015, 19:54:20 »
According to wikipedia,  most IR remote protocols seem to range between 120 bits/second and 4 bits/second.  It might be possible to have CHDK watch the LCD display buffer and time the signal from the remote if it is pointed directly at the lens. This could work for devices at the slow end of that range but  not for faster devices.

Regardless, there is no current way to do so with CHDK.
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