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Override Hot Shoe by script.

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Override Hot Shoe by script.
« on: 16 / July / 2015, 07:37:49 »
Hi friends I have a Canon SX50 and after I lot of search I can't find information if can I override hot shoe status by script (LUA o uBasic).

There is a way to do this?

I know that CHDK has this option, but for my script needs I need to set hot shoe as "empty", run some lines of code and set hot shoe as "present".

Best Regards, Jair

Re: Override Hot Shoe by script.
« Reply #1 on: 16 / July / 2015, 08:08:31 »
That capability was added to the CHDK  Enhanced Photo Operations menu starting with CHDK 1.3.0.

The menu item is called  Hotshoe override  and the options are [ Off  Empty  In Use ]

To access this from a script,  use the set_config_value( ) fuction.  Use something like this in your Lua script :

Code: [Select]
@title Hot Shoe
@chdk_version 1.3
print("hot shoe disable")
set_config_value(cfg.hotshoe_override,1)  -- set hot shoe as empty
print("hot shoe enable")
set_config_value(cfg.hotshoe_override,2)   -- set hot shoe as present

Note : this needs to be added to the CHDK 1.3.0 user manual
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