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Time-lapse specs for CHDK, which models?

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Time-lapse specs for CHDK, which models?
« on: 09 / June / 2015, 12:37:23 »
Hi all,

I'm new to the CHDK world and looking to build off some recent work in computer vision. Briefly, i'm a biologist who uses time-lapse cameras to monitor animals feeding on plants. The cameras need to shoot for as many days as possible, preferably 3-5 days, at 1 frame per second. A start delay would be preferable but not required. Image quality is not a priority, so i'm hoping to go get some 40$ old canon powershots from amazon and load of chdk on them. I relatively fast shutter speed would be a priority. Objects will be within 1-2 meters.

Does this sound in the realm of current chdk technology? I'm in the planning stages and just looking for feedback.

I have seem many time-lapse examples, but only for 5-6 hours. Which cheap models would people suggest for maximizing battery life.

 I've been using Plotwatcher Pro game cameras (+ 64gb card ~220$) and am ready to hack my own version.

Really appreciate your insight.

Re: Time-lapse specs for CHDK, which models?
« Reply #1 on: 09 / June / 2015, 13:42:32 »
You are not going to get 3-5 days with only the internal battery, regardless of what camera model or script you choose.

So an external battery pack of some sort is essential.

As far as scripts go,  the scheduling a periodic reset features of this script might be of interest :  Ultimate Intervalomer - especially the motion detection version?

Here's a script that was used to look specifically at battery life : Battery Miser Intervalometer

Edit : one frame per second might be a challenge too. And will certainly eat your internal battery in a few short hours.  Conventional focus & shoot cycle times for Canon P&S cameras are typically two seconds per frame at best.  So you need a special continuous mode script to get around that.  If you want that script to also adjust exposure on the fly it gets even harder - this might be the only option rawopts script
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Re: Time-lapse specs for CHDK, which models?
« Reply #2 on: 07 / July / 2015, 02:32:30 »

I kinda have the same problem but different requirements:

  • I'd like to take time-lapse of landscape over the course of a year.
  • I'd like to eventually stitch together a Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution time lapse video.
  • The camera will be indoors.

Since the camera will be indoors, I'd like to use AC power and USB connection to a Linux PC to store images and run the time lapse script.

Do you have a recommendations for a recent camera that I can use to do this? Preferably inexpensive, or I can try to find a used on on eBay.
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Re: Time-lapse specs for CHDK, which models?
« Reply #3 on: 28 / July / 2015, 02:56:39 »
* bump *

any cost effective solutions for a camera that will shoot 16+ MP RAW images?


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Re: Time-lapse specs for CHDK, which models?
« Reply #4 on: 28 / July / 2015, 03:29:29 »
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any cost effective solutions for a camera that will shoot 16+ MP RAW images?
If you look at the supported cameras with >= 16mp, it's not a huge a list. You can check http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CameraFeatureTable and sort by resolution, then check your favorite online retailer for prices. If you are in the US, Canon factory refurbished is sometimes a very good deal, although I don't see anything really great right now.

In general, it's very hard to give camera recommendations. Most of us only have a few cameras, we can't say how well or poorly CHDK works on the others. Of the cameras I have direct experience with, elph130 and sx160 could potentially meet your criteria. CHDK is reasonably complete on both. There's probably a dozen other cameras that would work equally well, but I have no direct experience with them.

These are cheap cameras, so don't expect amazing image quality.

If you use raw, you will likely have to spend quite a bit of effort on your workflow to get good results.

Setting up a year long timelapse with CHDK will be a fairly technical project and require substantial effort on your part.
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Don't forget what the H stands for.

Re: Time-lapse specs for CHDK, which models?
« Reply #5 on: 28 / July / 2015, 13:27:40 »

Thanks for the very helpful answer! If I wasn't capable of the 'H' then I wouldn't be asking ;)

I'll keep this thread updated with my progress!


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