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G1X newbie timelapse shooter

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G1X newbie timelapse shooter
« on: 05 / August / 2015, 12:16:26 »
Hello everyone. I am very new and about to install CHDK into my G1X

I want to use CHDK for shooting
- sunset
- sunrise
- stars timalapse

Can anyone suggest me which scripts are suite to my project?

Thank you in advance and nice to meet everyone :)

Re: G1X newbie timelapse shooter
« Reply #1 on: 05 / August / 2015, 13:54:16 »
For reference,  you can find most of the better CHDK scripts listed here : User Written Scripts

For sunrises & sunsets,  this is pretty much the standard script : YASS Yet Another Sunset Script (yass) v4.5

For star trails timelapse work,  you probably want to use this script : Meteor Intervalometer with Dark Frame Management

And if you are adventurous,  the best performance for timelapse work is described in this forum thread : proposal - script shooting hooks  Be aware that things there are still somewhat experimental and that there are issues with the G1X in particular discussed there.

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