custom auto iso > overexposure compensat

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custom auto iso > overexposure compensat
« on: 06 / August / 2015, 09:53:09 »
     I'm hoping that this will help to prevent over exposures, by making some sort of automatic compensation, when over exposure is detected. That being the case, I would appreciate some help in deciding what values to start with in the 3(?) relevant fields .... compensation, threshold, and pixel percentage.
.... john

Re: custom auto iso > overexposure compensat
« Reply #1 on: 17 / August / 2015, 09:20:29 »
     I eventually resolved this by setting the overexposure compensat to -1Ev, the threshold to zero, and the Over exposure pixel percent to 5 (the default). I also had to fine tune the auto exposure settings. In addition I turned on Zebra, which was probably the most important part, because it told me when and where the over exposure was


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