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Change <ALT> buttin on A570

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Change <ALT> buttin on A570
« on: 08 / February / 2008, 04:20:03 »
Hello Folks,

First of all I can't thank you enough for all this amazing work you're doing on these builds!

I've got a particular problem in so far as I use my A570 for underwater photography but the wiz-kids as Canon did not put a button on the underwater housing for the Print button on the camera! though when you think about it there aren't many underwater printers on the market I suppose  ;)

Apart from shooting RAW, the most important aspect of the CHDK for me is the Aperture override, as I stack 2 macro lenses on the housing which really reduces the depth of field.

I've actually compiled a couple of versions of the AllBest builds where I've sucessfully changed the <ALT> button to the ERASE one (changed conf.c lines 171 and 276 to be KEY_ERASE) and this works. However once I've made that change the aperture override stops working  :'(

I'm a bit new to all this so if anyone could help I would bevery grateful!

Many thanks  :)


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Re: Change <ALT> buttin on A570
« Reply #1 on: 08 / February / 2008, 06:32:48 »
If I remember correctly you can assign the ALT button to any other button apart from the print. For example flash. I'm not so sure about the A570 though how it's set up and how the housing works. But to be sure, have a look through CHDK's menu and see if you see a setting about the ALT button.

L.E. - I have the S-series and looking at this page
I can see that the change is possible only for the S-series inside the Miscellaneous menu.
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Re: Change <ALT> buttin on A570
« Reply #2 on: 08 / February / 2008, 08:27:34 »
Thanks for the tip brainwash but I think its only the S-series builds whereyou can change the <ALT> button. Looking through my A570 menus there's no option to do so.

Re: Change <ALT> buttin on A570
« Reply #3 on: 09 / February / 2008, 11:15:24 »
If there is any sugestion of where I may find some help to this problem I really would be gratefull! I'm waiting to write an article about CHDK for an underwater photography mag but if I can't get access to the menu underwater then it's kind of no-go!

I've also been looking at scripts - autostarting one to set max zoom, macro mode, iso80, and Av f11 but have failed utterly!!

Thank you  :)

Re: Change <ALT> buttin on A570
« Reply #4 on: 11 / February / 2008, 15:20:22 »

I've found a release that works when I recompile it with KEY_ERASE as the <ALT> button  :D

Now I have access to ALL the CHDK goodies underwater - sweeeeet 8)

If any other underwater photographers want to know, the source I used was from the file

The only thing is I can't remember which of the 100's of links I followed to get that file - sorry! I'll keep digging and if I find the download site I'll post here again.


Re: Change <ALT> buttin on A570
« Reply #5 on: 03 / April / 2009, 22:14:26 »
In case anybody is watching this thread, I posted a possible solution here:,3025.msg31537.html#msg31537


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