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Plot Tool for rawopint and isoinc log files

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Plot Tool for rawopint and isoinc log files
« on: 24 / October / 2016, 03:10:50 »

I have created a small tool with which log files of rawopint
and isoinc Graphically.

However, the tool requires that you install a MATLAB runtime environment (Windows 64-bit version of the MCR for R2013b).
I can easily understand if the installation deterrents the use.

Content of the ZIP file:

,Plot_Logfile.exe '=> main program
,Plot_Logfile.m '=> MATLAB Source code
'Cell2double.m' => MATLAB Sub function
'Rawopint_test.csv' => Test log file for rawopint
'Isoinc_test.csv' => Test log - file for isoinc

After starting Plot_Logfile, you first have to select the LOG file. The tool automatically detects if it is a rawopint or isoinc LOG file. Then you get a menu with different options.

In the plot itself, there are various settings, which I did not want to go into here.

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