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Modemaps II: MODE HARDER (was Re: USB Remote Switch in CHDK ...)

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Re: Modemaps II: MODE HARDER
« Reply #10 on: 14 / January / 2015, 19:33:53 »
If you can't switch to VIDEO_STD with set_capture_mode, then it should be removed, in the trunk at least.
That's a pretty definitive rule. 

Looking at the spreadsheet I posted earlier,  it seems like we should remove the definitions with the 0x0400 bit set for the A1300, A810, ixus132, ixus135, N, N_facebook, and tx1.   The CAM_MASK_VID_REC_ACTIVE should then be defined as 0x0400 for these.

The A420 & A430 should stay the same per this : with CAM_MASK_VID_REC_ACTIVE undefined.

And maybe the sx1 & sx10 stay the same as well (with CAM_MASK_VID_REC_ACTIVE  undefined) based on this :

That then covers all existing definitions.

Fun quote from way back in 2009 in Re: Mode dials and Playback pushbuttons"Buggy modemaps don't really worry me that much, fixing those has been on the todo list for ages and this thing ought to make that finally more or less happen."

Ported :   A1200    SD940   G10    Powershot N    G16


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Re: Modemaps II: MODE HARDER
« Reply #11 on: 04 / October / 2015, 19:57:16 »
In trunk 4268 I removed the last vestiges of the funny tx1 video modes (MODE_VIDEO_PORTRAIT etc). This shouldn't affect other cameras except for sx280/270... the numeric value of MODE_HYBRID_AUTO is changed.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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