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Intervalometer for Mapillary

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Intervalometer for Mapillary
« on: 28 / September / 2015, 16:39:09 »
User reyalp suggested to post in this forum, so here we go...

I use CHDK on my S100 to take pictures for (a crowd-sourced version of Google StreetView operated by a swedish startup) with a special interest for them being useful for OpenStreetMap (a Wikipedia-like database for geodata). I take pictures by bicycle, by train and by car. You can find my Mapillary profile here: On you can find some code from me. In the context of this forum probably only and the GitHub issue list ( ) are of interest.

I started with a basic intervalometer but did some tweaks. The following list of features is copied from the .lua source code:

- Takes pictures as fast as possible (note: speed is reduced if picture review is enabled)
- Don't take picture if environment is dark (e.g. in a tunnel)
- Don't take picture if focus distance is too close (e.g. focused on car windshield)
- Disable flash and AF assist light during script operation (this is done in order to not annoy/endanger other traffic participants)
- Toggle display by holding "DISP." button (to save battery power)
- Zoom in/out during script operation (no need to stop/restart the script when you want to change zoom settings)

There are still some things not working. See the issue list:


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