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time-lapse videos for YouTube

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time-lapse videos for YouTube
« on: 03 / December / 2015, 05:57:44 »

I need some help, to bring a time-lapse to YouTube.
I'm interested in how you convert your videos for YouTube.
I tried a lot of different tools for conversion but I’m always disappointed with the quality on YouTube.
Especially the following video made many problems in the clear sky and especially in the waves I got ugly artefacts. I know, the bit rate from YouTube is not very high but I saw similar videos with much better quality. Or does it depend on the status at YouTube, which bit rate I have?

How I made the following video:

1)  I converted the Canon RAW from G1x to uncompressed TIF. The Quality of the pictures is absolutely great on the PC.
2) I used Virtualdub to make an uncompressed AVI Video (without any plug-in). I know the size is huge but the quality is really great on my PC.
3) I converted this video to mp4 (H.264) with different converters (MAGIX Video, Free Make Video converter, ffmpeg, …). Yes, here you can really see the difference of different converters. But some do a really good quality and playing it on my PC or TV it is really perfect.
4) I upload the best mp4 and the uncompressed AVI Video to YouTube. But what should I say; both have the same bad quality. I know, YouTube is doing an additional processing, to reduce the data rate.

Then I searched in the net about a solution, where I hoped, that YouTube will not do an additional conversion of the video:


I run the mkv video on my PC and the video was great.

Yes, after uploading, it goes very fast in YouTube and I thought, running the video the first time, the quality is much better. But watching it now, it is still as bad as the previous version…


The same video on vimeo:

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