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Canon IXUS 70 - PTP USB interface

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Canon IXUS 70 - PTP USB interface
« on: 27 / December / 2015, 09:46:49 »

I have a Canon IXUS 70 camera which is supported by CHDK and I was hoping to use the CHDK PTP extension to trigger a photo and download it from the camera. Unfortunately, for this to work the PTP USB interface has to be available when the camera is in "photo shooting" mode. This doesn't seem to be the case as the camera device appears on the host PC only when the camera is in "playback" mode. This is how both CHDK and the original firmware operate. Is there a way to use CHDK to get the PTP interface activated in "photo shooting" mode? Am I missing something obvious here, some menu option in CHDK? I looked through the wiki and forum but couldn't find any reference to such a problem. The wiki page for this particular camera also doesn't contain any possible caveats when PTP is used.
Is there anything else that I can try or is the thing I'm trying to do impossible with this camera?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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Re: Canon IXUS 70 - PTP USB interface
« Reply #1 on: 27 / December / 2015, 10:14:38 »
CHDK has script commands to switch between shooting and playback mode. See set_record and switch_mode_usb. The PTP client program may be able to do this automatically when needed: for example CHDKPTP has built-in commands for this (rec and play) and it also has buttons on its GUI for convenience.

If you're using PTP, you need to start the cam in playback mode (also make sure USB remote is not enabled in the CHDK menu).

For more information, see .

Re: Canon IXUS 70 - PTP USB interface
« Reply #2 on: 27 / December / 2015, 12:47:59 »
Yeah, I looked through those and in the end the ptpcam from did the trick. First I ran the "mode 1" command (ptpcam --chdk="mode 1") to change from playback to record mode and later ptpcam --chdk="lua shoot()" to shoot a photo. Later normal ptpcam -g/-d allowed me to download it.

Thanks for your help.


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