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Multishot zoom

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Multishot zoom
« on: 28 / November / 2007, 11:32:18 »
later edit: I just found that the "zoom shoot" script does something close to what I want.

initial post:
It's basically a script proposal I guess.
As the A-series have an electric motor for zoom instead of a manual one, it's hard to zoom in and out when you're taking pictures at short intervals.
A script that would zoom the camera in multishot would be nice
example of sequence for the camera to follow in the script for an approaching subject:
calibrate + shoot -> zoom out x steps -> calibrate + shoot -> zoom out x steps
and even have options to freely add "zoom in"s or "zoom out"s in the shot sequences would be nice.

or perhaps a variant would be every time you press the zoom button, it first takes a picture and only then zooms.

(moderated edit: Added "Lamp" message icon for easier finding later of useful working scripts.)
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Re: Multishot zoom
« Reply #1 on: 28 / November / 2007, 12:28:10 »
I actually modified the "zoom shoot" script a bit for my needs (it zooms out now instead of in) and now it goes like this:

Code: [Select]
rem seems to work on A710 IS

@title Zoom Out and Shoot
@param a Shoot count
@default a 4
@param b Steps 1 to (A)8,14 (S)128
@default b -3
@param c Camera Series A=0 S=1
@default c 0

if a<2 then a=8
if c<0 then c=0
if c>1 then c=1
get_zoom r

print "Shoot 1 of", a
sleep 400
for s=2 to a
 print "Zooming-out ", b; "steps..."
 set_zoom_rel b
 if c=0 then sleep 500
 if c=1 then sleep 8*b
 print "Shoot", s, "of", a
next s

if c=0 then sleep 500
if c=1 then sleep 8*b
print "Setting Zoom to 1x..."
set_zoom 0
sleep 1000
click "shoot_half"


note that I have removed the line "if b<1 then b=1" to allow negative values for zoom out. is that ok or am I missing on something? why was that line added?
and about the sleep 500: could that be set to a lower value for example in manual mode with everything on manual? how do I find out how low I can set it? is there a way to make the camera take these actions even faster?
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