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Windows GUI for trunk building

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Re: Windows GUI for trunk building
« Reply #770 on: 16 / December / 2015, 21:52:41 »
Can a bat file be created to run from the command line without having to use CHDK-Shell-v346.exe? Or must CHDK-Shell-v346.exe be running in order to do any type of compiling.
I have not used CHDK-Shell for several years now,  but when I first started working with CHDK I did exactly what you are asking about.  I installed CHDK-Shell to get the toolchain but ran all builds from a simple batch file.  My windows environment is long gone, but I think I got the idea from a post in this thread so it might be there if you read back.  (Hint :  use the Print mode at the top of the page to get a single text mode dump of the entire thread useful for searching.  Search for batch)

Edit : found it link to relevant post
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Re: Windows GUI for trunk building
« Reply #771 on: 16 / December / 2015, 23:21:34 »
Thanks for the tips, waterwingz.
cd C:\chdk\trunk\trunk4312
gmake PLATFORM=a590 PLATFORMSUB=101b firzipsubcomplete


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