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canon powershot S500???

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canon powershot S500???
« on: 06 / May / 2008, 22:52:39 »
I have a Canon Powershot S500.  I haven't seen any posts for CHDK firmware for it.  plz, I need to hack this thing.  I can't stand using the standard firmware.  Anyone???  Please let me know.  My cam is using firmware 1.000.  Ugh....


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Re: canon powershot S500???
« Reply #1 on: 07 / May / 2008, 01:20:59 »
well, seems like you first have to make a dump, then start the port yourself. a good starting point for reading would be here: For Developers - CHDK Wiki
u can use the udumper these days, makes dumping way easier than before ( Porting the CHDK - CHDK Wiki ).

Re: canon powershot S500???
« Reply #2 on: 07 / May / 2008, 20:16:57 »
I'm also interested in hacking the S500.  But is it too old to hack?  The P-ID table says it is a DIGIC I, but I don't see any existing firmware that supports DIGIC I already created.




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