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Disable Lens self test

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Disable Lens self test
« on: 02 / January / 2016, 16:13:45 »
Good evening Ladies and Gents.
I have been experimenting with extreme macro for a while now and I am experimenting in fitting alternative lenses to powershot cameras.
I have successfully added an infinity objective to an old compact (unknown make) That did not have a zoom lens and therefore no self test of the lens. So after removing the original lens and fitting an alternative the camera was unaware of the change and so operated normally. The down side is that this camera is only 2Mp,
Now I have a number of A1200 and A1300, cameras with a decent 16Mp sensor that I would like to experiment with.
However, these cameras have zoom lenses and if removed you get a lens error in the firmware.
Does anyone out there know if it is feasible or even possible to eliminate this self test so I can continue experimenting.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this post.

Re: Disable Lens self test
« Reply #1 on: 02 / January / 2016, 16:22:22 »
A little light reading of some of the things that have been done to give you an idea about what you are facing:

link > CHDKPTP: S90 Primary Focal Plane Configuration - hacking out the CCD
link > Hardcore modding on a A530, thanks to CHDK!
link > How to shoot picture with not fully working camera?
link > How can I shoot without the lenses?
link > Working with a broken camera

The first link is probably the "definitive" thread.
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Re: Disable Lens self test
« Reply #2 on: 02 / January / 2016, 16:50:08 »
Looks like some interesting stuff.
I will read over the next coupleof days.
Many thanks.

Re: Disable Lens self test
« Reply #3 on: 05 / January / 2016, 15:43:07 »
Yes, well, after reading all that I decided it was more effort than I have time for at the moment. There has been a serious amount of work done in the post you listed. IMy hat off to all those involved.

I wanted to make a simple portable means of Macro /Extreme macro rather than carry my DSLR all the time hence the reason I wanted to turn off the lens test so I could attach different lenses.

However after reading through the posts, I decided to knock that idea on the head and instead came up with a reliable means of attaching a reversed (16mm TV Lens) lens to a canon a1300.  so its physically in keeping size-wise. (hardware mod). That can still use many functions within CDHK such as stack.

I have done this hardware mod and it works quite well considering the donor camera had been used with Ultimate Intervalometer outside for 12 Months in the Lake District and needs a big optics clean up. and the donor lens came off an old CCTV camera from nearly 30 years ago that was used for accurate close up inspection work  at the time and has been in a box ever since and even survived a workshop fire and the resulting water damage from the fire service.

Just for fun I will post a full document step by step of how it was done soon and post it on Hardware Mods for anyone interested.
Attached snapshot of the finished item to wet appetites.


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